On January 1, 2015, Helene Printing was retired and Team 4078, Inc. was started. 

We'd like to take this opportunity and thank our loyal customers for the friendship and trust that was built the 40 years Helene Printing was in business.

I am proud to introduce you to Team 4078, Inc. An extension from Helene Printing, Inc. with new ownership. 

Hans Metoyer, owner of Helene Printing, Inc. stepped down and passed on responsibilities to Connie Metoyer. Owner of Team 4078, Inc.

The name Team 4078 is derived from team work with vendors and crew. 4078 represents the 40 years Helene Printing was in business, and 78 represents the age Hans Metoyer stepped down.

I hope you will give us the same trust with your projects that was given to Helene Printing. We look forward to serve you.

Connie Metoyer

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Helene Printing, Inc.